Facts About Dentists

Being a dentist is not an easy task, they study more than an average doctor and their studies are more expensive than a regular doctor. The regular doctor studies for 5 years but the dentists have to study for 7 years and have to pass different exams just to get the license for opening the clinic and that is why going to the dentist is always expensive. There are different associations of dentistry and the most famous and the top association is The American Dental Association, short for ADA and the second best CODA which is short for Council of Dental Association and according to them dentistry is all about:

  • Diagnosis.
  • Prevention.
  • Treatment.
  • Non surgical.
  • Surgical.
  • Disorders.
  • Oral cavity condition.
  • Maxillofacial area.
  • Adjacent structures.
  • Other diseases related to human body which is caused by oral sensitivity.

When you are on the road of becoming a dentist, you will visit different universities and it is very common for anyone to get confused because some will say that they have DDS, short for doctor of dental surgery and some will say that they have DMD which is short for doctor of dental medicine. But note that, both are the same and you will be a dentist whatever you choose the course. The names are just changed, some universities introduce the dentistry courses as DDS and some introduce it as DMD, it is just the matter of preference by the universities. You can find a lady dentist in Dubai.

The teeth are said to be the toughest part of our body. You must be wondering that if anyone takes a punch their teeth come out but think that this part of the body is exposed at all times to different things that we eat and drink. This is because of the enamel, this is a layer that protects our teeth from everything. And imagine doctors wangling this strong part at all times, so, thank the dentist twice when the next time you pay a visit. Dentistry would not have existed if it wasn’t for Hesi Re, he was the first dentist that pulled out a tooth and this was done 5,000 years ago in Egypt. There is an actress called Julia Roberts, her smile is everything about her looks and beauty and all this is because of her teeth and that is why she has her teeth insured for 3 million dollars. If you find this article good, rate below.