Types of oral diseases

All the day we eat so much, and for eating we use our teeth and mouth, so it is not surprising that there are so many things that can go wrong. Especially if we don’t care about our oral health. That is why oral hygiene is one of the most important things for our health. Taking care of oral health is beneficial for overall health, but if we don’t care about our oral health we may face serious diseases. Dentist near Sports City in Dubai treat dental issues along with giving some useful advices that can help in dental in problems. Let’s see these dental problems that we may face normally:


This is also called tooth decay. Mostly people have this problem by using huge amount of sugar. In this problem some of our tooth area gets permanently damaged and even we can have holes in our teeth. Cavities are occur when bacteria, acid coat or food form a plaque. Acid start to eat the enamel of our teeth and then it underlie in our teeth, or connect to our tissue. This can be lead to serious damage of our teeth.

Gum Diseases:

This disease is also called gingivitis. In this disease we may face inflammation of our gums. It can lead to bleeding of our teeth. This could be because of poor brushing habit and flossing. This disease can become the reason of periodontitis which is more serious issue. We face swelling and bleeding in gingivitis. 


This is seriously very dangerous infection. This disease can spread to all over the jaw and even in bones. Because of this disease we may face inflammation of our body. If you feel this disease then you should instantly visit a dentist. They will provide you quick treatment to get rid of this problem.

Broken or cracked teeth:

Another serious problem that we can face is injury of our mouth by chewing hard foods, or by gridding the teeth at night. Our teeth can be damage, broken or cracked. This is very painful situation if you have cracked teeth. You should visit quickly to your dentist if you have broken or cracked teeth.

Sensitivity of teeth:

In this problem we feel pain after having any hot or cold drink or food. This problem is also referring to dentin hypersensitivity. Click here now for further details in this regard.