Types of Kitchen Layouts

There are many ways to design the kitchen. There are six common types of kitchen layouts. Some of them are:

Galley Kitchen: It is the perfect kitchen layout that gives movie and filmy look. It has walkway between the two parallel walls. It is the best layout to design a small kitchen. Yet, you can use the layout to design big kitchens. You can hang the frame or keep a small vase in your kitchen to add colours and enhance the focal point. A galley kitchen is also known walkthrough kitchen and parallel kitchen.

One-wall kitchen: If you have a small kitchen and you want to make it look trendy then you should design as a one-wall kitchen. Unlike other layouts, all workstations and appliances are stationed on one wall in the one-wall kitchen. Yet, the minus point is that there will be an absence of free countertop in this kitchen layout. It looks like a galley kitchen in some ways. The one-wall kitchen is also called modern straight kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen: U-shaped kitchen is also called horseshoe kitchen. There is the utilization of three walls to create cabinets and place appliances. Big kitchens can be created on this layout. Yet, you can ask the designer to build cabinets on three walls like a triangle if you have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It gives a lot of space to keep edible items, cutlery items and boxes. Therefore, U-style kitchen makes it easy to cook and clean the place.

L-shaped kitchen: L-shaped kitchen layout is best for small kitchen. It will the kitchen look modern and chic. L-shaped kitchen layout uses two walls to arrange cabinets, worktops and appliances. Thus, three workstations are arranged on two walls. You can even place a dining table and chairs in the kitchen if there are space or place chairs behind the counter to give it a trendy look.

Island Kitchen: If you have so many appliances, saucepans and big space, then design the kitchen on the island kitchen layout. It will give you extra worktop and counter to place things. Besides, you will be provided with extra cabinets and storage space. Moreover, a person has the option to change the layout into L-shape or G-shape.

So, these are a few common kitchen layouts. Kitchen is an important part of the house. Therefore, design it carefully to turn the place into an eccentric cooking area. You can visit different sites of kitchens in Dubai or look for a kitchen designer in Dubai to know more about kitchen layouts.